10 Ways To Move Appliances Without Scratching The Floor

Although appliances mainly stay in one spot, some situations require a relocation. In instances such as moving to a new location or preparing for renovations, these appliances may require a relocation. Doing so without scratching the floor requires some forethought and planning. Read on for some helpful ideas and tips.

Empty Contents

Although it may seem easier to move the appliance with contents remaining, this method is sure to backfire. Take the time to empty all contents within the appliance to avoid making the job more complex and potentially hazardous and messy than need be.

93253 Handyman trying to move a fridge at house

Take Measurements

Next, take measurements of any openings such as doorways that the appliances will need to move through. This is much better than just forging out blindly and finding that the fit is too tight or impossible when the move is already underway.

Clear A Path

Keep in mind that moving the appliances may also require moving furniture and other household objects. Do this ahead of time so that you don’t have to keep stopping to do so while already en route with the heavy appliances.

Clean all floor areas

Any grit and grime on the floor can cause appliances and wheels to stick and can also make it more likely for scratching to occur. Do a quick cleaning and mopping of the floor area involved and while doing so take the time to clean the area where the appliance resided. It may be dirtier than you would expect.

Go Slow

Moving appliances is not a race. Take time and take any necessary breaks. Appliances are heavy and costly and flooring is an important component of any home. Keep all in tiptop condition, and your own body as well.

Lift rather than drag

Dragging makes floor gauging more of a likelihood, so aim to lift rather than drag. Lifting also removes the need to make involves moves such as pivoting, which will also be better for the floor. Keep in mind that floor damage is hard to hide and appliances don’t often require moving, so take the time to do the project right.

Use a dolly

Moving appliances using a dolly and help from a friend or family member is another great idea. Be sure to squat to lift the appliance and then wrap the appliance with strap. If you do not own a dolly and don’t have anyone to borrow one from, there are plenty of places that offer them for rent. For example, U-Haul offers a variety of hand trucks that can be viewed at their website.

Use gliders

If you are attempting the job on your own, gliders may be a better method of moving. These items protect flooring and are lightweight and easy to store. They will most likely come in handy in other instances within the home. Amazon has many reviews of appliance gliders and rollers available on their site.

Use carpet squares

When carpet remnants are available, they provide yet another method to use when moving appliances. They can also be used in conjunction with plywood by placing the carpet square on the bottom and the plywood on top. They appliance then gets placed on top of the plywood for the move.

Hire professional movers

Acknowledge that moving appliances might be a job best left to the professionals. Consider hiring a company that is well versed in the logistics of moving heavy items. Doing so saves your back and gives peace of mind.

When considering how to move appliances without scratching floor space, there are many solutions. Take time to decide which one works best for your ability and comfort levels as well as your time and resources. Feel satisfied knowing that you are protecting the floor as well as the appliances.