5 Reasons To Visit Cairns & The Far North


Australia is a vast place. Even natives may have corners they’ve yet to see in person. One place for natives and visitors alike is Cairns. This city and the area surrounding it is a place where the wild meets city life and where it is possible to see Australia much as it was millions of years ago. Travelers here can have a true adventure complete with jungle visits and coastal fun during the same trip. Work with those who offer great tours in Cairns to discover this area of the world even further. 

Explore The Great Barrier Reef

A short boat ride away from Cairns lies one of the world’s greatest treasures. Home to miles of coral reef, the underwater world here teems with fish and underwater plants found nowhere on the planet. Visitors can spend hours watching as schools of vividly colored fish swim nearby. A quick day trip allows any person to see it up close. Longer trips also allow visitors to get a chance to see as much of it as possible. 


Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park 

The area here has been settled for thousands of years. Meet some of the descendants of the original inhabitants at the Cultural Park. Just a few miles outside of Cairns lies a park dedicated to helping visitors understand this culture better. Watch classic dance performances and listen as master storytellers help tell the tale of their heritage. 


The Daintree 

The Daintree is the world’s oldest lowland rain forest still in existence. Take a very relaxing and safe cruise down the Daintree River to see crocodiles in their native habitat. Watch the tree-dwelling kangaroo, one of the world’s rarest species here. Other wildlife that inhabits the forest includes the cassowary and many rare species of birds that are found nowhere else in Australia. 

Cape Tribulation

This historic cape is part of Australian modern history. Go green and spend time on here at an eco-friendly lodge right on the beach. Kayaking, horseback riding and surfing are popular activities. Sample local cuisine centered around freshly caught fish and the rare and delicious fruit found in the region. Or just sit on the beach and admire the crystal clear blue waters that lap against the edge of the beach. Watch as millions of stars come out each night. Fabulous tar gazing is easy in this highly isolated area of the world. 


Skyrail Rain Forest Cableway 

Touring scenic Kuranda is now easier than ever via the Skyrail Kuanda is an isolated village in the local rain forest. The new skyrail makes it much easier today to make this fun day trip. The ninety minute experience brings visitors here past lush forest while relaxing in an open car with astonishing views. Once here, the charming village has plenty to do and see. Visit local crafts booths to admire the area culture. Marvel as flocks of brightly colored parrots and delicate butterflies flit overhead going from tree to tree and diving into beautiful orchids and soft local ferns.