7 Advantages and Disadvantages For Children Who Have a Large Number of Toys

There are many advantages for children who have a lot of toys, but there are also some disadvantages. This may sound odd, but there is always a good and bad side to everything, even how many toys a young child has to play with. People don’t usually think twice about how many toys a child has, but the numbers could affect the child’s future and how they develop. This article describes some of the advantages and disadvantages children face when they have a large number of toys.

Advantages of having lots of toys:

1. According to Childdevelopementinfo.com, children can develop visual senses, discover how items can be similar and also learn the names of different items.

2. Having toys like Legos can allow children to develop building skills and learn how to count. Along with counting, the children may even develop basic math skills.

3. Allowing children to have many building toys can help them develop the hand muscles which will help them later on when they learn how to write or even paint.

4. Along with having many toys, there will be other children who will want to play. When this happens it will give kids the opportunity to learn how to share with others and help them understand friendships.

5. Having a lot of toys can help kids learn conversational skills due to them talking to the toys while playing.

6. According to Creativityinstitute.com, children can gain self-confidence from playing with toys, which is a huge advantage of having lots of toys because it will do wonders for the future of your child.

7. Having electronic learning toys can help children work on hand-eye coordination.

small child laying down with lots of toy cars

Disadvantages of having lots of toys:

1. Children that have many toys may not learn that they won’t get everything they want all the time, due to constantly being surrounded by all the things they could ever want.

2. Giving children many toys will prevent them from learning to value the things they have. If they are bored with a toy they can just throw it aside and get a new one.

3. By giving children a large number of toys, parents may end up spoiling them, which could give them a bad attitude in the future if they don’t get told “no” every now and then.

4. If a child has too many toys that keep them occupied all the time, they may not want to go out and make friends because they are content with being alone.

5. Giving children a lot of toys can stop the development of their creativity. If they have all the toys they want, they won’t have to use their imaginations to play games.

6. Children who have many toys may not learn to take care of things. If they break one toy, they can just grab another rather than learning to take care of their things so they last longer.

7. If kids are occupied with their toys, they may not play outside or engage in a lot of physical activity, which could possibly lead to being overweight in the future.