9 Ways To Keep Pests Away From Your Home

Wherever you live, whatever climate you call home, insects are a pest you have to encounter and overcome.

The National Pest Management Association recommends you scour the perimeter of your home and yard for any problem areas and handle them immediately to keep the insect population under control in the spaces you live and play in year round.

 illustration silhouettes of insects that may be present in your home. The concept of getting rid of the insects, disinfestation. Isolated on white background.
Inspect Seasonally
Just as the weather warms in your city, take the time to pest-proof your home and yard as you open the windows and clean up outside debris from the colder months. A professional exterminator can assist and advise you on how to keep pests away from your home.

Tree, Wood and Yard Debris
Make sure to keep the yard tidy and trees and bushes trimmed. Getting rid of piles of wood and other natural materials makes it more difficult for bugs to find a happy place to call home.

Seal Windows and Doors
Those cracks around your windows and door jambs that let air stream through and heat escape can also be a perfect pathway for eight-legged invaders. Spiders love to find a way into your walls and into your home through improperly sealed entryways, windows, and exterior holes. A sweep with a caulk gun to fill those holes can keep bugs at bay.

Tighten Up Your Waste
Keeping a tight lid on all your outdoor containers keeps flying, crawling and creepy bugs from creating an insect haven among your cast offs. This also keeps a larger pest, rodents, and mice, from making your home a stop to feast before heading to their new nest under your eaves or in your walls.

Replace your standard light bulbs with glowing halogen lights or high-pressure sodium vapor lights. If possible, move the light a further distance from the actual entry way to give you and your guests a better chance of not getting attacked at the door by bugs attracted to the glow of your porch light.

Professional Opinions
Getting a routine inspection from a professional can cut back on problems that could become a problem if not stopped early and entirely. A quality exterminator can give you peace of mind and answer any questions you may have about your home and possible pests.

Wet Drains
Clean out gunk from floor drains. They provide an ideal site for bugs to breed in basements, laundry rooms, outdoor sinks, and tubs.

Keep it Clean
By eliminating the conditions in and around your home that attract vermin, insects, and unwanted fowl, you’ll reduce the possibility of future pest problems. A clean house, yard, and garage will not draw pests to your household and give you less to worry about.

Fix Leaks
Any standing water or dripping faucets will attract all manner of bugs, from ants to spiders looking for water and mosquitoes and midges looking to breed. Repairing leaks will give you a good head start on keeping insects from getting a foothold in your home.