5 things to ask your removalist before you hire them


Hiring a removalist has many benefits including ensuring that you have a smooth move. However, not every removalist is capable of giving satisfaction. Some are simply a scam after your hard-earned money. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious when selecting a removal professional. Here are some questions that you need to ask the removalist before hiring.


What is your Service Coverage?


Depending on your moving needs, you need to ensure that your selected removalist can deliver. There are various categories of removalists including, local, interstate and international. Even if a local removalist is excellent at what they do, they can do nothing to help with an interstate or international move.


Do you have Insurance and what is the Extent of your Liability?


It is very important that you ensure your removalist is insured This will ensure that you are compensated in the case your precious items are damaged during the move. Go the extra mile and ask to what extent their insurance covers you. For some removalists, you will have to use their packaging services if you are to be eligible for their cover. Otherwise, they will dispute your claim citing that you might have damaged the goods, yourself, while packing.


What Equipment do you have?


Equipment in the possession of a removalist could mean the difference between a smooth move and one filled with hiccups. Ask your removalist whether they have large trucks, in case you have a large load to move.

Also, ask how they plan to package your belongings, ready for the move. Ensure that double-walled boxes are used. This enhances protection to your belongings. Also ask whether the packaging material is being sold to you or it is part of the move. Ensuring that your removalist has a good supply of equipment will ensure that you have a stress-free move.


How Much Will it Cost Me?


Before hiring a removalist, it is important that you ask for an estimate. A quote will help you plan your budget and shop around for better rates with the same value being offered. Check with your removalist to ensure that every other fee is included in the quote. Some professionals have the tendency to take advantage of their customers using hidden fees. So, be very careful not to fall victim of such.


What is your Staff Like?


The staff is whom you will be directly dealing with. Therefore, you need to ensure that they are as good as the company. Check whether they are trained to professionally handle your needs. Also check the terms of their contract. Are they casuals or fully-employed? Working with fully-employed staff ensures you better services. Besides, they have a job to maintain. Therefore, they tend to be more responsible.


Bottom Line


Moving from one place to another can be really stressful. By getting yourself a great removalist, you could reduce some of the stress associated with a move It is therefore advisable that you do not rush into hiring. Shop around asking this questions and ensure that you get the best value for your money.