How To Save Money On Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are convenient, but the cost adds up quickly. That leaves many people wondering how to save money on coffee pods without sacrificing either quality or convenience to do it. The manufacturers rarely make that convenient, but there are a few tricks that people can use to cut the price down to a more affordable level.

Colorful espresso coffee capsules on wooden background


Refill the Pods

Most coffee pods are designed so that they can only get used once before throwing them away. That’s bad for both the environment and your finances, but it is usually fairly easy to work around the problem.

The procedure will vary from one brand to the next, but most of them follow the same general pattern. Start by opening up a used pod and emptying the grounds out of it. Refill the pod with fresh coffee, and reseal it with aluminum foil or another material that resembles the pod’s original cover. This won’t work for absolutely every pod coffee maker, so it’s important to look up the specifics for your model before you try it, but it’s an excellent place to start.

Use Alternative Pods

People who can’t refill old pods can still save money by looking for generic or off-brand pods. Since every coffee maker is different, you do need to make sure that the generic pods are compatible with your machine. It is usually easy to find pods that match with the more popular models, but people who own rarer machines or who live in an area without extensive shopping facilities might need to order generic pods over the Internet.

Some machines include copy protection that makes it hard to use generic pods. The systems are normally simple, so many of them can be hacked simply by moving a label into the right place. Finding the right hack is usually as easy as searching the Internet.


Bulk Purchases

You can save money on almost any type of coffee pod by purchasing your pods in bulk, especially from a digital retailer. In most cases, larger packs will cost significantly less money than small ones. Most pods can last for several months without spoiling, so storage space will usually be the limiting factor for bulk purchases.

You can save even more money by making your bulk purchase through a subscription system. These subscriptions involve scheduling a specific recurring order with a retailer. That is a great option for people who use the pods at a predictable rate because they don’t need to worry about running out of pods, but it can also save money. Most subscriptions come with a discount that stacks with the lower price for bulk orders.

People who don’t want a subscription can get similar discounts by buying in bulk when the pods are on sale. Many stores choose to discount unpopular flavors when their stock starts to build up, so it’s best to be flexible when using this strategy. This method also takes a little more work than the others, because you have to watch for sales, but it’s the best options for people who want variety at a low price.