5 Benefits for Getting a Scale Model for Your Next Property Deal

Scale models of buildings are designed to communicate various design ideas. These models are usually developed by a team that constitutes clients, developers, and architects. According to BBScalemodels, most architectural firms also provide services such as prototyping, laser cutting, designing and product sales and exhibition. Laser cutting is an important procedure used to accurately measure, cut and prepare model construction materials. Common scale model builder materials include paper, cardboard, wood, and polymer plastic. Prototyping, on the other hand, is a construction process that provides room for designing and constructing mock models before the final designs are produced.

Some of the key design factors to consider when designing and constructing a property include; the purpose of the building, project sustainability, and budgetary allocation. The scales used by architects in constructing models may range from 1:1 to 1:2500. The scale of 1:1 indicates a real physical replica of the assigned object. A scale of 1:25 will show the interior spaces and floor plans while a scale of 1:2500 will cover an entire city map. To property developer, a scale model also provides a physical replica that can be reevaluated for fine tuning or marketed to prospects such as investors, city authorities and the public. According to Model Making Company Ltd, the 5 benefits every property developer needs to know regarding scale model include:

1) True project representation – a scale model presentation of an upcoming development will show how the final project will look like once it is completed.

Compared to other forms of presentations such as 2D and 3D presentations, scale models display much more detail, such as the setup of the building versus the position of the sun and nearby civic infrastructure. This allows prospects to envision the property and learn how to take full advantage of the views.

2) Show of accomplishment –a property development firm that has come a long way in terms of growth can use scale models to inform the public about their current and future plans. This kind of show will make it easy for prospects and the public to follow the progress of the project and even contribute to its success.

3) Public participation – creating scale models makes it easy for the general public to view and comprehend the scale of the project. You also do not need an expert to educate the public about the project because the presentation will largely speak for itself. Public participation can also shape the discourse of the project by asserting more positive tones. 

4) Marketing – property developers can market their properties by creating a scale model of a property. For example, a scale model presentation of a proposed complex or high-end apartments can create a buzz, which can be beneficial in attracting tenants and investors since it reflects confidence in the community.

5) Souvenir – developers can hand out scale model replicas of the proposed project to clients or investors to use as a souvenir that will last long after the project is completed.