5 Things To Check For When Choosing a Self-Storage Company

With many local self-storage facilities in your area, you need to know how to select one that is ideal for you. You need to consider some factors before making the final decision. Here are some features that will enable you to make a decision.

Safety is paramount when looking for a storage facility. You do not want to lose your stuff through theft. Ensure your target facility has ample security before you engage them in business. Some of the security features to look for including computerized access to the service, CCTV surveillance, and good lighting. The presence of an on-sight manager is an added advantage. The manager and the security team need to have monitors in their stations so that they can track all events in the entire facility. The security team should screen potential customers, and ask them to produce their identification documents. The customers need to give their current address to the facility. All these efforts eliminate the potential risk of robbery by transient renters. Check if the area is comfortable to walk in at night, and whether they have installed alarm systems. Apart from theft, the facility needs to protect against calamities such as fires. You should inquire about their fire protection system and what installations are there in the case of a fire.

Choose a storage unit that is experienced to take care of your possessions. Experienced services can work out the best way to handle your property. Inquire to see how long they have been operational and the number of long term customers they have achieved. This is an indication of how good they are. 

Location and access
Many people love the convenience offered by a facility located close to their residence. It is beneficial to work with a storage unit closest to where you reside. Most services provide a street address and map with familiar landmarks. To help with your endeavors, you need to familiarize yourself with the traffic situation around the facility. You should consider how frequently you wish to access your goods. Some clients leave their goods for prolonged periods of time while others need to access their processions now and then. Check to ensure the can accommodate you if you require accessing your owning seven days a week. The opening hours are crucial. Not all companies are open throughout the day and week. Ensure you check out their opening hours before you decide who to store with. You need to ensure the business opens some hours that suit your access requirements.

Size of Units
Many companies have a variety of storage units Not all companies can avail the size of units to suit your needs. The best approach is to inform the business of the exact space you require before arriving with your goods. A company that offers the opportunity to change or add a unit is great. Ensure you chose a facility with many sizes to select from.

Rental and Transportation
It is essential that you check the availability of dollies and carts on the premises or if you have to bring or find your own. Check to see if there is a truck rental on location or in the vicinity for you to hire for some hours. Inquire if you can find trailers because even small goods can be heavy when you are carrying them alone. 

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